Tailormade interior decoration services

Great interior style should be for anyone, within any budget. Whether we create mood to a room by adding just one amazing statement (piece), an edgy wallpaper pattern or refurnish your new home entirely fitted to your (life)style. I love to help make your space unique by a tailored selection of the following services:

  • Interior concepting: moodboard & style plan
  • Color scheme & wallcovering selection
  • Material & finishes advice
  • Furniture, lighting, rugs, art shopping list/sourcing/procurement
  • Hand sketched (floor)plan or digital 2D/3D visualisation
  • (Re)styling on location

 ‘A loving atmosphere in your home is the foundation for your life’-Dalai Lama XIV

Inspired by the energy of evoking patterns, natural materials and sculptural forms, I love mixing up styles to set distinctive moods. (Re)using your personal interior objects or having a budget makes me just as creative as searching for that one statement piece. Keeping ahead of trends I aim to create soulful homes that stimulate the senses and endure in time. Not just for the picture perfect or ‘showroom effect’, but for your comfort and joy in everyday living.

Creating interiors that feed your soul

How do you want to live and experience this space? What do you love and enjoy? What are the features and ‘spirit’ of this building? These are some of the questions we go through during our intake, from where the story starts to unfold.

We discuss the dreams and requirements for your house, for just one specific room or for your public/office space. Based on your wants, I offer you a tailormade (fixed priced) quote proposal. This can range from a digital flash advice up to full interior concepting and execution.

During the optional execution phase we work together with a select group of high quality suppliers, upholsters, painters and wallpaper hangers within our network, making sure to take great care of your house.

Get in touch

Please feel free to contact Haarlem-based owner Caroline Weinans via 06 19 866 821 or info@gaialiving.nl to discuss possibilities.

My story unfolded

As a curious child, I used to spend hours examining the textures and colors of my grandmothers’ Hermès shawls, flea market curiosities, her jewelry boxes and the stuffed animals around her home. I loved sifting through haute couture magazines with my mom and remodeled my room into different shops weekly. 

During my career as a concept developer in the corporate information services industry, I used the same curiosity to create solutions for clients’ needs. By asking questions, careful listening, doing research and forecasting trends. 

Fashion, architecture, art, culture, nature, film, restaurants, my sons and meditation are huge sources of inspiration. They educate my eye, make me aware and see things in different light.

Gaia Living –

Γαῖα; personification of the Earth and goddess in Greek myth

Originated from my personal need of decorative interior items that I could not find in the stores, I launched online shop Gaia Living in 2019. As a result, I started receiving requests to source specific objects, to give interior advice and to create interior concepts. I develop myself continuously; through courses in design and sketching, on the job and by an ever-growing sense of observation.

The GAIA living online boutique brings a collection consciously selected global and eclectic items to your own home. It’s the place where old meets new, east and west mix and spirituality unites with chic.

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