Thangka Tibet late 20th century framed


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Small, framed handpainted thangka from the late 20th century Tibet. Amazingly fine and detailed.

Measures 19 x 23.5 cm without frame.

Traditionally, thangka paintings are not only valued for their aesthetic beauty, but primarily for their use as aids in meditational practices. Practitioners use thangkas to develop a clear visualization of a particular deity. But also to strengthen their concentration and to forge a link between themselves and the deity. Historically, thangkas were also used as teaching tools to convey the lives of various masters. A teacher or lama would travel around giving talks on dharma, carrying with him large thangka scrolls to illustrate his stories.
The sacred art of thangka painting dates back to the 7th century. Originating in Nepal, it evolved into several schools of painting. Here at Norbulingka we practice Menri, which is characterized by life-like colors and a focus on a central figure surrounded by significant events or people in his life.

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