Traditional Tibetan hand knotted Phoenix rug red (80 knots/inch)


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Reviving an ancient art. A traditional Tibetan rug of the kind that once decorated Buddhist monasteries and aristocratic Tibetan homes.

In traditional measures of roughly 90 by 180 cm called a ‘khaden’ (also nomad rug or mediation rug). In deep colorful, symbolic designs made exclusively for Gaia Living after ancient carpet patterns.

These high quality pieces are handcrafted by the most active Tibetan community in Nepal, providing jobs to hundreds of Tibetan refugee families and improving the local community (obviously good weave, no child labor).The soft Tibetan sheep wool is vegetably dyed, carded, spun and then woven using the unique Tibetan knot. The entire making process is done completely by hand.

High on the tibetan Plateau these rugs are used for monks in monasteries and lamas as mediatation rugs or wrapped around pillars of a monastery to bring charm to these spiritual places.

Bring charm to your own spiritual home. Perfect centerpiece to your home straight from the source.

The Phoenix bird stands for eternal life, charity, peace and prosperity for mankind. The phoenix is a mysterious, self-regenerating (‘like a Phoenix out of ashes’) bird that stands for eternal life and benevolence. The appearance of this majestic bird on earth signals peace and prosperity for mankind.

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Weight 8 kg
Dimensions 180 × 90 cm