Tuareg mats – customized tuareg rug sourcing

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A true tale of nomadic living, made to stand the test of time.

Gaia Living sources vintage Tuareg mats from the Sahara Desert and Mauritania. These rugs have had a significant place in Tuareg culture and have been hand-woven by women of nomadic tribes for thousands of years.

Each rug is hand-woven with reed palm and decorated with intricate woven leather strands from goat and camel in stunning graphic designs and patterns. These rugs are incredibly durable, made for some of the most extreme temperatures in the world.

Each piece is individual and unique and will breathe soul into your space. As all mats are vintage they are ‘’perfectly imperfect’’, each with their very own charming flaws. And that is why we fall in love with them even harder.

Because of their uniqueness and exclusive character, Gaia Living does not carry these rugs in her warehouse but sources them based on your specific personal inquiry via info@gaialiving.nl. We will get back to you quickly with a fitted customized proposal without obligations. Prices of these rugs vary according to age, size, design and condition.

A non-return policy applies to these tailored purchases.